Sunday, 27 November 2011

Jacques Genin

Jacques Genin (133 Rue de Turenne, Paris)

I have literally died and gone to HEAVEN. Jacques Genin is a master chocolatier but he is also incredibly well known for his caramels and his made to order Mille Feuille. The shoppe is incredible and the pastries and treats are extraordinary.

Mille Feuille
This is perhaps the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. Made to order, the layers of pastry are incredibly flaky and BUTTERY. Unbelievably fork tender and is very messy (as it should be). We went with the server's recommendation of the vanilla cream inside and it was such an excellent choice, we ordered another. I believe it was a vanilla bean cream (as per the black speckles) and it was perfectly sweet. Paired with the immensely buttery, flaky pastry and the sweet cream. Literally perfection !! I could eat these everyday!

Look at all the thin layers of buttery, flaky pastry!!!!

Chocolate Eclair with Caramel Filling
These were also delicious but after the Mille Feuille, nothing could even compare.

Complementary Chocolates and Macadamia Caramels
WOW...the caramels are delicious. They are very expensive treats at 110 EUROS/kg. The caramels are soft, melt in your mouth, sweet, buttery and nutty. I ended up trying most of the flavours: vanilla, macadamia nut, peanut, passion fuit-mango and hazelnut. They are all to DIE FOR. I cannot emphasize enough the buttery flavour that comes through in these tiny morsels.

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