Sunday, 27 November 2011

Pollen Street Social

Pollen Street Social (8/10 Pollen Street, London)

I have to first apologize for the next two posts as I forgot my notebook on both occasions, thus my notes will be sparse and I will be going off memory. I will try and recreate the experience. Regardless, Pollen Street Social is a new restaurant recently receiving their first michelin star in 2011, and have gotten rave reviews. The food was wonderful, while the dining experience could have been better.

Potato seafood cream, pork crackling and olives

Cornish crab vinaigrette, Nashi pear, cauliflower sweet ‘n’ sour dressing, frozen peanut powder
This was very light and fresh tasting. The crab was light in flavour but well seasoned and the pear provided an element of texture. The sweet and sour dressing was evident while the frozen peanut powder was hardly noticeable.

Slow cooked egg, chorizo sausage, "potato bravas"
One of the best dishes. The crisp potatoes laying on a bed of chorizo sausage, while the egg is cracked open and the creamy yolk collaborates nicely with the rest of the dish. Incredibly savoury, great for egg fans. Although, it did not really remind me of the classic potato bravas.

Light cured Shetland salmon, avocado, frozen almond & garlic, radishes
Incredibly fresh salmon with a creamy avocado puree, classic combination. The radishes offer a mild sweetness to the dish and the frozen almond gave a crunchy texture.
Roasted halibut, Catalan paella, sprouting broccoli, pork-ham fat
Perfectly cooked halibut with a slightly crisp skin. The broccoli provided a bitter element, which worked nicely with the delicate fish and the very flavourful paella. The pork-ham fat added a wonderful flavour to the paella which was also cooked perfectly and seasoned to perfection. Very creamy and savoury.

Rack of Cotswold lamb, braised shoulder, creamed spiced aubergine, & black olive reduction
Flavour explosion. The lamb was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy. The flavours and fat content of the lamb just was incredible.

Atlantic halibut "bourguignon" bacon, mushrooms, crispy onions, red wine
Another hit. The halibut again was cooked wonderfully which was paired very well with the fatty bacon chunk and sauteed mushrooms. The onions two ways (caramelized and crispy), provided nice textures and flavours to the overall dish.

Lovely Chablis with our dinner

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