Wednesday, 28 December 2011


BruDa (492 College Street, Toronto)

Just featured by Toronto Life last week, BruDa was opened in Little Italy by two long time veterans of the neighbourhood. Their approach to the restaurant was to provide a "European" menu, while the restaurant itself is quite quaint, cosy and rustic.  I love how the kitchen is smack in the middle of the dining room which provides a real intimate feel. The food is simplistic and comforting but they need to work out some of their kinks.

Bourbon Braised Back Ribs
Deliciously tender, fall off the bone ribs. They are delectably savoury, with a touch of sweetness from the bourbon but some acidity would have been great for balance. 

New World Carbonara
Housemade papardelle, chantrelles, serrano ham and duck egg
Both myself and my boyfriend could not resist getting our own, as I am a huge fan of carbonara (which indoubtedly is very difficult to find a good one in Toronto). The housemade papardelle was fresh, although I would have liked my pasta a touch more al dente. The silky, creamy duck egg added a nice element to the already rich sauce of the carbonara (although I would have like a runnier yolk). The serrano ham was salty with an excellent level of fat, although some of my serrano ham was overcooked. The chantrelles provided an earthy flavour that went very well with the dish. Very tasty and would very likely order again but this dish definitely needs tweeking (overcooked on several elements). Keep in mind, I had a life changing Carbonara in Rome at Rosciolis, so I am always quite critical of carbonaras.

Citrus Benny Sorbet
Incredibly refreshing, nice tart cirtrus flavour with herbacious notes. Great palette cleanser.

Peanut Butter Blondie
Moist, dense blondie cake with a caramel sauce and speckles of sea salt flakes. I am a huge fan of salt in desserts, and this was done very well.
Again, another great dessert and completely addictive.

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  1. mmmm that new world cabonara looks fantastic. thanks for the review.