Monday, 26 September 2011

David's Tea

I am currently OBSESSED with David's Tea. With one opening up within 5 minutes of my work, I have officially become an addict. My favourite flavours of the moment are Mulberry Magic, Forever Nuts, Copabanana, Banana Daquiri, Read My Lips, Goji Pop (iced) and Pumpkin Chai. With a mix of soy milk (or 2% milk if you prefer) and agave syrup .. delicious, warm comfort in a cup. Swoonnn!

Dining Date Night

Dining Date Night is a new service that is being provided in Toronto. You pay $10 for a featured restaurant and get 30% off the entire bill. It's a great deal if they feature a restaurant you are interested in. Check it out ..

Le Petit Dejeuner

Le Petit Dejeuner (191 King Street East, Toronto)

Lucky for me, my friend Kathy told me about this wonderful brunch spot in that she had discovered the week before. The food ended up being incredible and it is now one of my favourite brunch spots in Toronto.

Kir Royale: Prosecco & Cassis. Perfect way to start off a Saturday afternoon.  

Kathy joining me with a Caesar

Authentic Belgium Waffles: Brussel's style light and airy. This was PERFECTION. I am not a waffle fan but I could eat a dozen of these. They really are incredibly light, soft with a light crunch, almost like a very light donut. So delicious, dusted with icing sugar dipped in real maple syrup. Confectionary heaven!

Eggy Fried bread: caramelized french toast on challah bread with fresh fruit, maple syrup and chantilly cream. I love french toast and this really hit the spot. Thick eggy challah bread, pan fried to the perfect crispness, while the inside still being soft and doughy. Icing sugar and maple syrup..again divine!

Eggs Benjamin with house smoked salmon: Ridiculously good eggs benedict. Perfectly poached eggs with a lemony but creamy hollandaise suace. Salty, fatty smoked salmon on top of a english muffin. One of the best eggs benedict I have had in a while.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Terroni Adelaide

Terroni Adelaide

I have been giving Terroni a bit of love lately. I went last night to have a few pizzas and this wonderful pasta dish. My favourite spaghetti in the city is the Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil from Scarpetta (really worth the $24.00) but I recently found a great substitute at Terroni at a mere $13.95, the Spaghetti Ca’ Pummarola N’Goppa, which is fresh tomato sauce with basil. I have to say, this is no Scarpetta but it is still incredibly delicious and so simple. Creamy, thick and inherently sweet tomato sauce, perfectly cooked pasta and fresh basil .. you just can't go wrong.

**I do have to say I had another problem with inconsistency at Terroni that I have faced in the past. We got the Smendozzata, which is always fairly consistent but I got the Pizza Cosi again (my most recent post on Terroni Adelaide) and it definately not as good as the last time I had dined there. The pizza fell flat, which was a huge disappointment.  The only location that is VERY CONSISTENT and I enjoy is the Queen Terroni.

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Monday, 19 September 2011


Origin (107 King Street East, Toronto)

After many attempts to dine here, I finally had dinner here on Friday night. There was much anticipated hype surrounding the restaurant and while some elements lived up to it, others fell somewhat short. For how expensive the place is, the service was very mediocre and could have been slightly more refined. Overall, great ambiance and some stand out items on the menu.

Ya Man Margarita: Chili infused tequila + Grand Marnier + grapefruit = EPIC! Luckily my fellow diner was adventurous enough to try this cocktail and I am so glad he did. It is incredible and probably one of the best margaritas I have ever had. It is sweet, salty, savoury and -- the combination of flavours create a great cocktail.

Helium Heels: Sage infused Tanqueray + Grapes + Tonic + Citrus. This cocktail was less exciting, as I was expecting a stronger sage flavour (to add a greater savoury element) but it ended up being a touch flat. The sweetness of the grapes was a nice touch.

Deviled eggs + souffletine + herbs + pancetta: Great texture in this dish. The smooth, creamy egg yolk with crunchy souffletine puffs. The pancetta crispy and provided that salty element. In combination with the herbs it created a very yummy deviled egg.

Ontario corn on the cob + lime chili butter: I love Ontario corn because it is local and you can taste the fresh, sweet kernels. Basted with this lovely lime chili butter and topped with (I am guessing??) a Mexican cheese ..  again a delicious combination.

Tostones + guacamole: I loved this and one of my favourites of the evening! The crispy fried plantain crisps were warm, chewy, sweet and salty. The guacamole has a nice creamy texture, good flavour but the plantains were undeniably the star of this show.

Spanish fries + chorizo +  manchego: This is very common in Spain and a.k.a. glorified fries. Very delicious but probably the least exciting of the dishes we ordered. The chorizo was delectably salty and fatty with a nice topping of manchego cheese shavings, herbs and some sort of an aioli (which is why I wish they explained their dishes when presented, so I could tell you what it is!!) 

Bufala Mozzarella + Pear + Honey +  Rosemary oil + Pine nuts: One of my most favourite things on the menu and great flavour profile. The first bite is cloyingly sweet (verging on dessert) but the more you get into it = complete perfection. The mozzarella is generously served and is supple, creamy and mild which helps to cut the sweetness of the honey and pears and the rosemary oil and pine nuts just complete the combination.  

Beet + Goat Cheese + Pickled Red Onion + Walnut + Sherry Vinaigrette: Great combination of flavours.
The beets are subtly sweet and the goat cheese is intensely creamy. The pickled onions and the sherry vinagarette provide acidity to create great balance.

Miso glazed black cod + soba noodle salad + ginger vinagarette + miso broth: This was one of the dishes I was MOST excited to try but ended up disappointed. This dish fell a bit flat for me (especially for $29.00 I was expecting something to blow me away, and remember these are all SMALL plates). The redeeming qualities were that the fish was perfectly cooked and the flavours of the entire dish was good but definately would not order it again. It was also slightly overseasoned.

Curried shrimp + naan bread: This was also a very delicious dish but nothing special. A mildly, spicy curry with great flavours and the naan had a wonderful doughy, chewy texture. Very tasty but nothing memorable.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Milano's Pizza

Milano's Pizza (3886 Bloor St W, Toronto)
Located in Etobicoke, this is my favourite place for pizza delivery. Though on the pricier side (vs. Pizza Pizza, Dominos), they have the fresh, high quality ingredients = very good pizza. I am featuring my version of the hawaiian: spicy italian sausage, red onion and pineapple.

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Terroni Adelaide

Terroni Adelaide (57A Adelaide Street East, Toronto)

You all know my love for Terroni and I ended up having dinner with some girlfriends here this weekend. It was a spur of the moment decision, thus I did not have my camera but my blackberry photos will have to do. I usually go to the Queen location as I love the cozy atmosphere but the Adelaide location has a more cool, happening vibe. As always, no reservations and a fairly long wait but definitely worth it.

Calamari: Very tender and lightly fried. Can't go wrong.

Pizza Cosi: Tomato, Fresh Porcini Mushrooms, Mozzarella, Fontina & Prosciutto di Parma. LOVE IT! This is the ultimate pizza if you love prosciutto and porcini mushrooms. Utterly savoury and completely delicious. The porcini mushrooms were an explosion of flavour and had great texture; hard to see in the photo but there are chunks of mushroom underneath the proscuitto. I love the layers of salty, fatty, melt in your mouth prosciutto draped around the entire pizza. A great flavour profile.

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Ki Japanese

Ki Modern Japanese (181 Bay Street, Toronto)

My girlfriend from the UK was in the city and loves this place, so I have another post on Ki...

Sweet potato wedges with garlic aioli: Slightly crispy but fork tender wedges. The speckle of sea salt flakes brings out the subtle sweetness in the sweet potatoes and the garlic aioli is an excellent side dip. **Usually comes with wasabi mayo but I always substitute for the garlic aioli.

Seven spiced edamame

Ki Beef Maki: teriyaki-glazed Canadian AAA striploin, scallions, sesame seeds, sweet potato tempura + asparagus. Incredibly savoury, delicious beef wrapped around the tempura sweet potato and crunchy asparagus.

Spicy Tuna + Sake on crispy rice cakes: This was quite tasty with super fresh salmon and tuna on crispy, fried rice cakes.

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Friday, 9 September 2011

Godiva Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroon

I love coconut macaroons and these are one of my most favourite treats from Godiva. The coconut macaroon itself is an incredibly dense, moist cake filled with a generous portion of coconut shavings and finally dipped in a delicious milk chocolate. Best eaten day of to ensure ultimate freshness.

Soma Chocolatemaker

SOMA chocolatemaker (443 King Street West, Toronto)

AMAZING chocolates and definately worth the splurge. They are an artisanal chocolate maker making small batches directly from the cacao bean. They buy cacao beans straight from the plantations themselves and are fair trade and organic. They produce these small, unique batches of chocolate bars and truffles. You can really taste the quality of ingredients that go into making these unique chocolates. This particular batch featured is in limited quantity so get there quick before they sell out. Another favourite of mine is the madagascar bar. Divine!

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