Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Grand Electric

Grand Electric (330 Queen Street West, Toronto)

The hype surrounding this restaurant is wildly insane and is owned by the former Chef de Cuisine and front of House Manager at the Black Hoof. I have tried to dine here on several occasions but only to be told that it would be longer than a 2 hour wait! So I decided to outsmart the crowd and go THIRTY minutes before opening. My boyfriend thought it was somewhat absurd but low and behold, when 6pm rolled around, there was approximately 40 people in line. This meant that the restaurant was entirely at full capacity at 6pm. The food was seriously delectable, the atmosphere was fantastic and the Grand Electric definitely lived up to the hype!

Entrance to Grand Electric 

The line up begins and at this point it is still 20 minutes till opening 

Grabbed the first seats the bar and the restaurant quickly filled up at 6pm 

Chalk Board Menu

Bourbon Bar

Grand Electric Sour 
Vanilla Bourbon, Agave, Egg White, Lemon
 Naturally I would order a Bourbon Sour. This had a interesting twist of adding pepper at the very end. The pepper worked fantastically well with the natural sweetness of the bourbon and agave. I love egg whites in "sour" drinks as it provides a frothy texture. This drink was refreshing and delicious. 

Tecate Beer, Fresh Lime, Hot Sauce, Spices and Cilantro
This is a classic Mexican drink. They put their own twist on it, as it was a hybrid of a Caesar and a Classic Michelada. 

Guacamole with Salsa and House made Chips 
The guacamole was absolutely perfect, as it was well seasoned with a good amount of lime juice. Although the fresh house made chips were delicious and crisp, they were a little too greasy. .

Chipotle Shrimp
The flavours in this dish were fantastic! The chipotle shrimp had a nice smoky flavour, which blended well with the creme fraiche. The texture of the ceviche-like shrimp, with the cool, creaminess of the creme fraiche and the crunchy, salty peanuts and tostone were an excellent combination. 

So good, we had several orders of the tacos. 

Spicy Arbol Chicken
This was one of my favourites of the night. The fantastically seasoned, saucy and (actually) spicy chicken was paired wonderfully with red onions, a white creamy sauce and topped with a generous portion of queso fresco. Delicious!!

Fried Queso with Poblano
This taco was OKAY. Nothing special, I found the texture to be too mushy. 

Pork Belly Al Pastor
Excellent seasoning of the pork belly. Completely savoury with a nice level of sweetness and acid from the pineapple. I really loved this taco but felt that the pork belly could have been more tender. 

Baja Fish
Another winner! The moist, tender, flaky fried fish topped with a creamy, cool topping. Just fantastic. 

Chicken Frito
Basically fried chicken wings. The sauce was incredibly savoury (the umami element was definitely present) but this was particularly greasy. 

Key Lime Vasa
A fantastic way to finish a meal. Graham cracker layer with a lime meringue and whipped cream. Just heavenly. 

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