Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Some more from Jacob's Steakhouse

Jacob's Steakhouse (12 Brant Street, Toronto)

Yet another post from Jacob's and Co. Steakhouse but I will not be redundant with photos/posts. I will only feature new items, as you have already seen photos of many of the items and especially the sides (I love the Tarragon Duck Fat Fries and the Potato Gratin, a must every time I dine there!). Featured below are more steaks and other protein options at Jacobs.

60 Day USDA T-Bone
I am not a striploin or tenderloin fan but the Tbone is a completely different animal. With the 60 day dry age on this steak, it is ridiculously flavourful and succulent. I am converted!

California Striploin Snake River Wagyu
This is usually one of my FAVOURITE steaks on the menu (who doesn't love waygu) but unfortunately it was a slightly overcooked, as I like my waygu steaks more rare. Still fatty and flavourful nonetheless.

60 Day USDA Ribeye
Again, the 60 day dry ageing on this ribeye was phenomenal. Ribeye is typically my steak of my choice and the flavour and marbling on this piece was sublime.

Organic Split Roast Chicken with Lemon and Thyme Butter
My boyfriend is a huge fan of this dish but I have yet to try it. The diner who was having the chicken was seated unfortunately too far away from me. There was also a ridiculous amount of food in addition to all this so I was somewhat overwhelmed!

European Sea Bass with Salsa Verde and Seared Lemon
Beautifully cooked fish, flaky with a crispy skin. The flavours are completely savoury and a surprising but excellent choice if you don't enjoy steak or want to try something different.
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