Sunday, 4 March 2012

A little more from Grand Electric

Grand Electric (1330 Queen Street West, Toronto)

After my first experience here at Grand Electric, I just had to return. I really liked it the first time but I absolutely LOVED it this time around. I can easily say this is hands down, my favourite restaurant in Toronto right now. The Mexican food is just outstanding -- my favourites include the fresh fried chips, guacamole + salsa, the TACOS (Baja Fish, Pork Belly al Pastor - sweet&salty goodness!, and the Arbol Chicken). The flavours in all their items are just perfection. I returned and to my surprise (luckily!!), the Rojo Pozole was on the menu. We also tried the pig tail taco (forgot to take a photo - very fatty and succulent like pork belly) and the beef cheek taco featured below. This time, I GENEROUSLY used the green and red sauces (presumably some sort of salsa/hot sauce) on the tacos and it just took the flavours to another level.  AMAZING! Don't overlook the Key Lime Vasa and of course, I had my good fill of Grand Electric Sours (Bourbon Sours)!

Rojo Pozole 
 A Mexican soup/stew like concoction. The flavours in this were absolutely exploding! So much flavour jam packed in this bowl and I loved the fresh shredded pork. The fresh chips sprinkled on top, along with the little jar of hot sauce = totally delicious! 

Beef Cheek Taco 
I was pleasantly surprised, although I was not sure what to expect. This beef is melt you in mouth, succulent and it has this almost glazed flavour to it, giving that sweet and salty element. 

Beef Tartare Tostada 
I am a fan of tartare and this was a fantastic rendition. The peanuts added a wonderful element of texture and flavour.

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  1. We live close I think we are going to try this place out!