Monday, 5 March 2012

Taco El Asador

Taco El Asador (690 Bloor Street West, Toronto)

A little hole in the wall located near Bloor and Christie, they are serving up some good Mexican food. I do have to be honest and it is NOT NEARLY as good as Grand Electric (which is just so phenomenal and again I will say it - my favourite restaurant right now in the city), BUT I do have love for this place. The people who work here are incredibly friendly and it is a cheap eat, totally no frills.


Guacamole and Chips 
Well seasoned guacamole and fresh chips. 

 Al Pastor Taco 
Regardless of minor inconsistencies, the FLAVOUR of this pork is fantastic. The meat is a bit dry but the flavour is excellent, so it makes up for it. As well, USE THE SALSA ON ALL TACOS. It helps with the dryness and kicks the flavour up another notch. 
**MAKE SURE TO ASK FOR EXTRA PINEAPPLE. It is often very minimally added. 

Crispy Chorizo Sausage Taco 
Hard tacos, ground up chorizo, queso freso and romaine. Simple but delicious. Although my favourite is still the al pastor, you really cannot go wrong. Again the flavours are really excellent. 

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