Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Saint Tavern

The Saint Tavern (227 Ossington Avenue, Toronto)

A much anticipated opening and The Saint Tavern has finally marked its place on the little Ossington/Dundas strip. Invited to the soft opening, I had no idea what to expect and with some of the same owners as Buca and Jacobs Steakhouse and Co., I had only but high expectations. As I entered the tavern, I immediately loved the interior. It has the feel of a tavern, very cozy and rustic. The food is extremely approachable and it is comfort food at it's best. Last but not the least, the cocktails created by Adam Graham are what liquid dreams are made of! Boozy but not at all noticable aka. a good cocktail and a wonderful balance of balance of flavours in the mouth. Definitely some of the best cocktails I have had in this city.

The Menu

Sitting at the Bar

Bombay Gin, Heering Cherry Liquor, Rose Petal Syrup, Float of Sparkling Wine, Lemon Peel
I don't typically like drinks not on the rocks but this was a fantastic gin concoction.

The Knob Cobbler
Knob Creek Bourbon, Orange Liqueur, Apricot Cinnamon Reduction, Egg White, Fresh Lemon Juice, Peach Bitters, Orange Peel
My FAVOURITE cocktail here. Sweet, tart, frothy, boozy = wonderful.

Who doesn't love Perogies?!? These were just plain good, classic, comfort food.

Potted Cheese
Literally a DREAM. A pot filled with chunks of creamy goat cheese enveloped in olive oil, lemon and herbs. A decadent spread that would satisfy any cheese lover .

Fried Chicken and Fries
EXCELLENT fried chicken, which is not very easy to find in Toronto. My other favourite would be Stockyards but this was a very pleasant surprise. Light,crispy, savoury batter on the juicy, tender chicken meat. A squeeze of lemon, providing acidity = perfection! Fries were crispy and herbed which is always a plus.

Goat Cheese Gratin
Very similar to the gratin at Jacob's Steakhouse and Co. I love gratin done right and with the goat cheese it provides a extremely creamy tanginess, a nice twist from the original.

Steak Tartare
Classic steak tartare and actually had a quite a spicy kick. I am very loyal to my favourite tartare in the city at Jacob's Steakhouse and Co. (I mean it is not really fair though, it has truffle oil in it!! Enough said).

Chocolate Cake
Extremely decadent and rich. Simple but delicious.

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