Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brooklyn Taco

Brooklyn Taco (Essex Market)

Recommended by our good friend, we met her for lunch at her favourite taco spot located in the Essex Market. The market itself reminded me of a smaller scale St. Lawrence market. We headed straight to the tiny Brooklyn Taco stand and ordered all 5 tacos on the board. The two standouts would be the cola braised pork and the chilorio brisket -- both were flavour explosions with incredibly tender meat. The mahi mahi was excellent as well, loving the fresh mahi mahi (vs. a fried rendition of most fish tacos, which trust me I do love as well). The guaco taco was similar to having great guacamole in a taco shell (who doesn't love that??). Lastly the chipotle chicken taco which was good but not as delicious as the other tacos they offer. For great food, and awesome value, Brooklyn Taco is the place to go!

Cola Braised Pork 

Mahi Mahi Taco

Guaco Taco 

Chicken Taco 

Chilorio Brisket Taco 

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