Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Buca Revisted

Buca (604 King Street West, Toronto)

On a recent visit to Buca, I returned to have some of my favourites. The menu is always changing but there are a few steadfast menu items that will always stay close to my heart. Of course I had the eggplant parmigiana but have posted that on previous blog posts. Sorry for the photos, I forgot my camera, so my phone photos will have to do. Buca is my favourite Italian restaurant in the city and definitely worth the splurge. Rob Gentile is pure genius!

Homemade pasta, duck ragu, marscapone and basil 
To be honest, I have had this dish a couple of times in the past and was not blown away. On my most recent visit, this dish has now edged into my top 5 favourite pastas. The flavours are so complex with the simplest ingredients. The home made pasta perfectly al dente, the rich duck ragu with the wonderful creaminess from the marscapone cheese. The basil provides a freshness and I detect some spices  (perhaps Nutmeg) that simply elevate the flavour.

Funghi Pizza
Wild mushrooms, Marscapone Cheese, Gorgonzola

If you had pizza a year ago at Buca, you need to return. The pizza dough has completely evolved; I believe they said that a piece of dough from the previous batch is continuously used in the production of the next batch of dough. The crust has the perfect texture, flavour, saltiness. I am a huge mushroom fan and this pizza is out of this world. Earthy, wild mushrooms with the funk from the gorgonzola and the sweet, creamy marscapone cheese makes for a delectable creation. 

Burrata Pizza with Basil, Tomato Preserve and Truffles 
I love Burrata and Truffles so this pizza is a no-brainer. Sweet, rich, tomato sauce with the light but creamy burrata and fresh basil. The truffles are just divine! 

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