Thursday, 28 June 2012

The NoMad

The NoMad (1170 Broadway 28th Street, NY)

With the incredible experience we recently had at Eleven Madison Park, I was excited to try out Chef Daniel Humm's newest venture, The NoMad. The dining rooms are absolutely stunning and I enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere. Some of the cocktails we had to start of the night was a smoky but fruity Mezcal based drink called the Reposession, which was crowd pleaser. I also tried the Hot Lips, which was made up of a jalapeno infused tequila with pineapple. We dined in the main dining room, the Atrium, with a beautiful skylight overhead. 
Let the eating begin .. 


Skyline in the Dining Room 

Steak Tartare 
Cornichons and horseradish 
The tartare was wonderfully seasoned, melt in your mouth goodness and  the horseradish cream was a nice touch.The brioche that accompanied it was fresh, warm and buttery. 

Close up of the tiny pieces of brioche perfection

Steak Tartare with the Horseradish Cream

Complementary onion bread
Very delicious, warm, fresh out of the oven. 

Snow Peas
Chiffonade with Pecorino, Pancetta and Mint 
The snow peas were incredibly fresh, crisp and snappy with nice notes of mint. The pecorino and pancetta provided depth and a savouriness, creating a well balanced dish. 

King Crab, Meyer Lemon and Black Pepper 
One of the highlights of the night. Fresh, well cooked pasta encasing the succulent, juicy king crab. The sauce was light, creamy and buttery. This dish is as crowd pleaser and an absolute must order.

Suckling Pig 
Confit with  Cherries, Wild Greens and Onion
I was looking forward to this very much and it did not disappoint. The crackling was on point and the pork that lay beneath was fork tender. Nice acidity and flavour profile with the cherries

Roasted with fennel, peaches and Pickled Juniper
This dish surprised me, as I was not expecting it to be my favourite of the night. I loved it! Perfectly cooked and the flavours of this dish were just creating fireworks in my mouth. The juicy duck paired with the peach was an excellent and surprising combination.

Milk and Honey
Shortbread, Brittle, Icecream 
The infamous dessert originated from Eleven Madison Park. It had everything going on -- temperatures, textures and flavours. The beautiful flavours of milk and honey were so delicate and in combination with the brittle and shortbread, it was just heaven.

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