Thursday, 28 June 2012


Taim (222 Waverly Place, NY)

After reading numerous articles and blog posts about this place, claiming that this is the place to find the best falafel in NYC, I obviously had to check it out. I absolutely love falafels and Mediterranean food, so this was a no brainer. This West Village spot is a total gem and a great cheap eat (less than $7 for a HUGE pita!). Limited seating but we got our falafel's to go and don't forget to ask for a side of delicious hot sauce to douse the yummy falafel with.


This falafel explodes with Mediterranean flavours. They have the perfect texture, crispy exterior with a soft interior. The toppings are all extremely fresh tasting, the hummous was excellent as well (may I add that it was a very generous portion). I would have to guess there were approximately 6/7 large falafel balls stuffed into a single pita. 

This was the classic falafel. With the parsley, mint and cilantro it was very fresh tasting. Again the consistency and texture of the falafels were perfect. This was probably my favourite out of the two but honestly they were both incredible sandwiches. 

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