Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Caracas Arepa Bar

Caracas Arepas Bar ( 93 E 7th Street, NY)

Located in the East Village, Caracas Arepas has been serving up great Venezuelan arepas and was actually featured in Throwndown with Bobby Flay! This was one of the last few stops before we headed for the airport, including another pick up at Katz's Deli for sandwiches on the way home .. yes I know, I just can't seem to get enough! When we arrived, we were told that the restaurant wait was about 30 minutes. So we opted for the "to-go" cafe next door. We ordered our food at the counter at this cozy joint, sat down and waited for our arepas.

Everything is handmade and made to order, so it takes a bit of time but you can taste the quality. The cornmeal arepa has a nice crispy texture with a pillowy interior. With so many options on the menu, we ordered a few. The La Surena and De Pabellon were the favourites of the night. The La del Gato which was highly raved about and had all the components that I would enjoy but I found the overall flavours a bit bland.  Make use of the spicy (or slighted heated by my tastes) mango sauce on all arepas. Overall a great cheap eat!

La Surena
Grilled chicken, chorizo, avocado and a spicy chimichurri sauce
De Pabellon
Shredded beef, black beans, salty white cheese and sweet plaintains

La del Gato
Guayanes cheese, fried sweet plaintain and avocado slices

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