Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Despana Fine Foods and Ceci Cela

Despana (408 Broome Street, NY) and Ceci Cela (55 Spring Street, NY)
For our afternoon snack, we decided to make a trip to Despana Brand Foods, which is a speciality Spanish grocery shop. Although the shop was beautiful with lots to look at and sample, my main source of excitement laid in the hand-cut Jamon Iberico Bellota. With several options, we decide to go for the best, the 5 J's and patiently watched as the man hand sliced our jamon. For a bit more information, here is a great link to their website (http://www.despanabrandfoods.com/index.php/food-shop/foods/spanish-hams).  A very pricey option ($195.00 PER POUND!) but totally worth it. We then head down a couple blocks to Ceci Cela, which was recommended to me as having excellent croissants. With a couple of croissants and the jamon in hand, we started to feast.

The jamon was INCREDIBLE. Insanely delectable, so fatty that it melts in your melt... it is like butter in meat form. Very silky, smooth and an excellent flavour that no other meat could possibly compare with. The flavour is inexplicable, just something one must experience themselves. I think this may top out as one of my most favourite food items ever! The croissants actually surprised me, as they were intensely flaky on the outside but the inside, hallow, fluffy and buttery. They were probably the best croissants I have had since leaving Paris. The combination of the two were just dreamy!

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