Tuesday, 3 July 2012

il Laboratorio del Gelato

il Laboratorio del Gelato (188 Ludlow Street, NY)
You walk in, the decor is very sterile and the employees are dressed in lab coats. I now understand the name .. it is clearly a gelato lab! With over 94 rotating flavours to choose from, it is near impossible to select a few and there is often a hoard of people waiting. Featured below (top to bottom) are passion fruit and raspberry in the first photo and the second photo featuring the basil and earl grey gelato. The passion fruit and raspberry were very good, creamy, flavours quite refreshing but more typical. The real highlight was the basil and earl grey gelato. They were phenomenal, I wish I had a gallon of each. I was surprised by the basil which was cool, creamy and the sweet basil flavour was so prominent but it was just heaven. The earl grey was also fantastic. Highly recommended!

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