Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Elsa, Pegu Club and Death & Co.

Pegu Club (77 West Houston Street) , Elsa (217 East 3rd Street), Death & Co (433 E 6th Street)
I wanted to highlight a couple of the bars we visited in NY. I did not take photos in many of the places, as I did not want to appear too touristy but I was able to capture a couple featured below.

First my most favourite drink is from a small and quaint bar located in the LES, Elsa. Featured below is the Black Book which consists of fresh jalapeno, honey, lemon, cinnamon, caradamon and bourbon. It sounds strange I know, but the symphony of flavours is fantastic. At a mere $10.00 (which is a steal in nyc), you can find yourself drinking these all night. They have a great cocktail list and a casual, fun, cozy atmosphere. This is one of my favourite places to drink in NYC.

The Earl Grey Marteani at Pegu Club. It consists of a earl grey infused gin, lemon and egg whites. I was skeptical at first but I could not resist it due to all the rave reviews I had read about this particular cocktail. It totally blew my tastebuds away. I must say, you should be an earl grey tea fan before ordering this because the flavour of bergamot is very prominent. But with the delicate touch of lemon and the froth provided by the egg whites, it is a very elegent cocktail. Pegu Club is a bit hidden away and the interior is quite grand, with a beautiful bar. Prices are more standard here but watching our bartender Kenta Goto make our cocktails wich such precision, it is definately worth it. He is truly a wonderful and craftful bartender.

Lastly I will mention Death and Company also located in the East Village. The entrance is very discreet but no doubt on any weekend, you will find yourself in a 1-2hr wait. The interior feels like a speakeasy, with the low lighting and the decorative interior. A beautiful bar, a fun place to get drinks and a great cocktail list as well. The truffled mac and cheese spoons were quite tasty as well.

Discreetly, trying to take a photo while seated at the bar.

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