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Yours Truly (Carte Blanche)

Yours Truly (229 Ossington Avenue, Toronto) 

Yours Truly has been on my radar for quite sometime now and I decided to go all out with the carte blanche menu. On this years addition of Toronto Life, the restaurant was rated # 1 new restaurant in Toronto. No wonder Jeff Claudio is attracting so much attention to this cozy restaurant on the Ossington/Dundas strip. Working at incredibly reputable restaurants such as Thomas Keller's Per Se, Noma in Copenhagen (#1 Restaurant as per the San Pellegrino List), Scarpetta and many others, his menu pushes the boundaries of food as we know it in Toronto. His innovative and creative approach is refreshing, exciting and compelling. The carte blanche included 26 courses (we ordered one vegetarian and one meat for variety) and with a menu that large, there are bound to be some misses but that also comes with truly genius moments. It will do a bit of damage on the wallet but completely worth trying. 

Just wanted to make a quick mention of a cocktail, Ghostface, that just blew my socks off. The concoction of bourbon, ghost chili, lime = a truly spicy, warm, fruity concoction that is just a perfectly medley of flavours. I will return to YT solely for this drink.
** I want to apologize in advanced for some of the photographs, it was very dark in the restaurant so I tried my best!

Champagne we brought in: Ledru

Carte Blanche: September 14th 2012 

Porridge, coriander crust, frozen namjin sauce 
Incredibly refreshing, prominent flavours of thai spices and coriander, total umami flavour
. Enjoyed the cool "sauce".

Duck, parsley, shallots, rice 
Reminded me of  fragrant fried rice with a hint of peking duck flavour. 

One of my favourites of the night. Sweetness from the inari wrap that envelops the salt cod and a creamy kewpie mayo. Completely sweet and savoury. 

Creamy and cool, corn flavour is very prominent. 

Sriracha, Tobiko, Sesame 
A classic, well executed creamy deviled egg with a wonderful texture component from the crunchy tobiko and sesame. Loved the hit of sriracha. 

Trout, house baked savoury éclair, sauerkraut, local brown mustard. 
The savoury éclair was crusty and chewy, really fantastic. Subtle flavour of the trout with a nice acidity from the sauerkraut and brown mustard. 

Trout tartare, smoked buttermilk 
Delicate trout tartare with a creamy smoked buttermilk element, wrapped up in a savoury nori. I was looking for more of the smoke in this dish.

Fried pork bits and fish with chili vinagarette
Apologies for the photo. This dish contained fried bits of pork and fish ends but what made the dish was the chili vinagarette, it was fantastic. Sweet, tangy with a very subtle heat. 

Love the play on truffles. The falafels had a great crispy exterior and a soft interior. Great flavours and paired nicely with the house made tahini.

Fried sweetbreads with a sweet and sour sauce. Surprisingly this is my first experience with sweetbreads and I was pleasantly surprised. The sweetbreads were tender, reminded me of popcorn chicken in the best possible way. 

Salted potato and nori butter. Literally as written. This dish was a bit of a disappointment.

Creative genius! Compressed honeydew, brown sugar, borage. Incredibly refreshing, comes out literally smoking, amazing flavours, temperatures, textures and visual!

Who couldn't love these?? These were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, incredibly garlicky and buttery. Reminds me of pan crust from Pizza Hut, a complete guilty pleasure. 

Heirloom tomatoes, house made cheese, micro basil
It tasted smoky with a great concentrated flavours of the heirloom tomatoes. The cheese was similar to a hybrid of burrata and buffalo ricotta. 

Scallop ceviche, white soy, shaved fennel, sesame seeds
Perfectly tender scallops with asian inspired flavours. 

Another star of the night. Smoked and pickled beets were paired with a sweet and creamy maple yogurt, an acidic lemon vinaigrette and the coffee crumbs provided a great element of texture. The berries elevated the flavours and overall the dish was very memorable.

mussel salad, red onion 
Very mild, soy flavours, crunchy red onion. 

This dish is an Arzak inspired egg (Arzak, San Sebastian Spain). I am a huge egg fan and this just hit the spot, although very rich on the palette. Runny egg with prominent flavours of egg, roasted garlic and truffle oil. Flavour profile was similar to a potato gratin even with the absence of potatoes or cheese. Total comfort food.

Spring trout, brown butter, almonds, celery, fried capers
Perfectly fried fish but the flavours for me were good but not great. I think it is just personal preference as I am not a fan of celery and found the flavour to be too overpowering for the delicate trout. 

It seems the veg carte blanche is agreeing with me and yet we have another favourite! The squash was steamed and baked, so very delicate. It was paired with spaghetti squash, buttermilk, cumin, flax seed. Overall the dish was creamy, sweet and salty. 

Concord grape freezie. Excellent execution, the flavours were acidic, tart and sweet. Great flavours of concord grape, balsamic and apple cider. 

 Incredibly tender short ribs and the pickled onion helped to cut through the richness. A nice flavour component of the broccoli purée to bring the dish together.  

Really loved this dish. The smoked carrot was extremely tender (without being mushy), well seasoned. Sweet caramelized onions with a hint of spinach flavour from the puree. Loved the crunch from the crispy "frites". 

Wonderful, creamy buttermilk panna cotta, perfect texture. Paired with delicate flavours of peach and the lemon balm provided a punch of flavour that was unexpected but completely necessary to tie the entire dish together. 

Such a childhood memory for me. A tasty treat of chocolate and nuts. 

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