Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Les 400 Coups

Les 400 Coups (400 Notre-Dame Est , Montreal)

BEST MEAL OF THE TRIP and now in my top 3 meals from around the world! What a memorable evening of fantastic food and there was not a single dish of disappointment. It would be very hard pressed to choose a favourite dish but some that were just spectacular were the foie torchon, beef tartare, the Atlantic cod and the Litchi Granita dessert. The food is exceptionally creative and the flavours are something unforgettable. Although the service could have been warmer, it was the type of food/meal that you wish would NEVER END!!!


Beef Tartare + Mustard Ice Cream + Anchovy + Croutons
This rendition of tartare is probably the most creative I have seen and is absolutely stunning. The flavour of the beef was fresh and luscious, paired with the silky mustard ice cream and these mini bites of perfectly fried croutons. Great texture and seasoned to perfection. Tied for best dish (along with 3 others lol)
Hamachi + Cara Cara Orange + Cucumber + Avocado + Salmon Caviar
A very refreshing dish, the Hamachi was very fresh which paired nicely with the citrus burst and cooling cucumber.
Foie Gras Terrine + Apricot Puree + Kohlrabi + marcona almonds
This terrine was just sublime. The subtle sweetness from the apricot puree + the nutty crunch from the almonds  + intensely creamy foie = flavour heaven.

1) Altantic Cod + Grapes + Caramelized Salsify Puree + Lobster Bisque Sauce
2) Seared Scallops and Suckling Pig from Gaspor Farms + Cauliflower + Bluefoot mushroom + Cardamom + Pork Sauce

Both main dishes were fantastic but I have serious praise for the Atlantic cod. Cooked perfectly, the mixture of the almonds and sweet grapes paired perfectly with this incredibly creamy, unctuous lobster bisque sauce. The flavors which I thought would be a strange pair, worked in perfect unison and I was wishing the dish would never end.
The scallop and suckling pig dish did not fall short either. Perfectly seared and seasoned scallops, intermingled with the fatty yet tender suckling pig was a combination not to be missed. Paired with the savoury pork sauce, mushrooms and cauliflower -- intense flavours and simply delicious.


Litchi Granite + White Chocolate Yogurt + Grapefruit + Campari + Flowers
They are known here for their epic dessert menu and I was not disappointed. The litchi granita was a beautiful combination of textures, flavours and temperatures. It was cool, sweet, creamy, fresh, bitter, floral = perfectly balanced. To be honest, to try and describe this dessert would do it injustice, you just have to go get it.  
 Chocolate Pot-de-Crème + Maldon Salt + Caramel
Everything you would want in a chocolate dessert. Decadent although not too rich, perfect with a cookie layer, a luscious cream, notes of caramel and maldon salt to balance the sweetness. 

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