Monday, 11 March 2013

Electric Mud BBQ

Eletric Mud BBQ (5 Brock Avenue, Toronto)

From the same owners as Grand Electric and located literally around the corner, we decided to stop by for a couple snacks before our dinner at Grand Electric (Yes still a 2 hour wait). The food is Southern inspired BBQ, with classic/country rock playing and the smoke from the BBQ going. As I still had Grand Electric's fish tacos and tuna ceviche very  much on my mind, we chose a couple dishes to try. I assure you I will be back soon to try the whole menu as the food is seriously addictive.

Beergurita (Agua Loca + Tequila + Lime Juice + Agave) and Porch Crawler (Thai Basil Gin + Watermelon Lemonade + Agave)
Both drinks were fantastic. The beergurita was like a classic margarita with a hint of beer flavor. My favourite was the Porch Crawler, incredibly refreshing and loving that Thai basil gin. We also had the Clydesdale (bourbon + grapefruit + lime + agave), which also was another hit as I am a sucker for bourbon cocktails.

Southern Fried Chicken
Seriously crispy + juicy fried chicken. Served with a honey sauce and a flavourful Tabasco Reserve.  The chicken was well seasoned, tender and crispy = some of the best I have had. Also a very good portion at four pieces, a great dish to share.

These were awesome. Fatty, juicy and tender as ribs should be and topped with a umami like sauce + peanuts + scallions created a dynamite flavor profile.

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