Friday, 1 March 2013

Garde Manger

Garde Manger (408 Rue St. Francois - Xavier, Montreal)

As a fan of watching Chuck Hughes on the Food Network + hearing rave reviews about his restaurant, I naturally gravitated towards having dinner at Garde Manger. Luckily we got reservations without a struggle and we had a wonderful evening of comfort food with a cozy, fun and intimate vibe.

Chalkboard Menu

Bread Basket
This bread basket was awesome! A variety of fresh breads, some of my favourite including a cheese bread, foccacia with a paprika cream cheese spread. Delicious.
Watercress Salad + Raw Beef + Fried Pickles + Honey Vinaigrette
Another dish we loved. A simple watercress salad with sliced med-rare beef sliced thin. Perfect little fried, crunchy cornichons added a special element in both flavour and texture and it was all tied together by a honey mustard vinaigrette.

Foie Gras + Waffles + Maple Butter
As soon as we heard this was being served, it was an immediate yes. Foie and Waffles, come on! Two HUGE pieces of foie served with a waffle with a delectable maple butter. I thought the balance of the dish was off, as there was way too much foie for the tiny square of waffle. I was pining for more waffle.
Jerk Spiced Crab
Beautiful (spicy/gingery/garlicky) jerk flavours embody the crab. A messy affair indeed with a spice that builds slowly and steadily. The flavours were delicious and addictive.
Stuffed Quail with Lentils and Sausage + Cabbage Sauce + Cippolini
Probably our favourite of the evening. The quail was beautifully cooked, crispy and tender, with a lentil and sausage stuffing. The creamy cabbage and cippolini were a perfect pair to the quail, creating bold flavours and a clear definition of comfort food at its best.
Seared Scallops + Carrot Butter + Bacon + Gnocchi 
Scallops were over seasoned although well cooked. The carrot butter was the star of the show, a sweet, untcous, rich carrot butter that paired nicely with the salty, fatty bacon. The gnocchi was great although quite sparse.

Deep Fried Mars Bar
Not much to explain here. A perfect texture of a crispy fried mars bar with a chewy caramel center and vanilla ice cream to pair (sorry for the photo)!
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