Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kupfert and Kim

Kupfert and Kim (100 King Street West, Toronto)

Recently opened in the Toronto PATH, Kupfert and Kim focuses on delicious, fast and fresh foods that are vegan and gluten free. Anytime after 12pm, you will likely find yourself in a healthy line up but luckily it moves very quickly to satisfy the lunch crowd. They offer a variety of delicious breakfast, lunch and snack options. Some of my favourites include the "First Canadian bowl" which is featured below, but I also have a big love for the Oaxaca bowl (Mexican inspired with an amazing Guacamole + Cashew Cream sauce), the kale+ banana smoothie and the numerous vegan treats.

First Canadian Bowl
Quinoa + Tempeh + Rainbow Radish + Kale + Pomegranate Seeds + Carrots + Beets +
Roasted Yuca + Pea Sprouts + Sweet Yam + Alfalfa + Sunflower + Purple Cabbage + Black Sesame Seed
Dressing = Chia Tamari Maple Sauce
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