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Patria (478 King Street West, Toronto)

In the recent Toronto Life edition of best new restaurants, Patria made it into the top 10 for 2012. I have been meaning to come check this place out but I am awful at making reservations in Toronto and the wait times have been very long. The restaurant itself is beautiful and modern and although the menu can be overwhelming, little was disappointing.  I got a little ahead of myself and did not get around to ordering any cured meats (I am also a bit disappointed myself) but will be back to try some Serrano or Iberico and Paella! We also did not have dessert at Patria, as we ended up having a cheese and dessert course at Buca shortly after our dinner just down the street.

NOTE: I am SO SORRY for some of the photos posted here. I accidentally mass deleted several photos that I cannot recover so some are very blurry!

Delicious and refreshing white wine rendition with a nice touch of brandy.
D.O. Monte Enebro
A handmade goat's milk cheese, which was incredibly creamy with an insane stink of blue on exterior.
A very bold cheese.

12 Month D.O. Mancheo
A classic favourite, with a nutty but sweet, tangy flavor profile and the sweetness of the quince jelly was delicious.
Pan Con Tomate + Manchego
Brings me back to Barcelona. A beautiful classic of the pan con tomate, very simple but well executed.
Dates + Iberico Bacon + Manchego + Quindillas
A surprising flavor profile with the sweet date, salty iberico and tangy manchego. A warm, gooey bite but I thought the dates were a little overwhelming in the sweetness department (perhaps medjool dates?).
 Butter Lettuce + Avocado+ Goat Cheese + Quince Dressing + Marcona Almonds
The salad was recommended by our server and it was nice to throw in some greens.
 I enjoyed the marcona almonds but overall the salad was just good (nothing incredibly memorable).

Although the sandwich reminded me of a tasty grilled cheese, the flavours got muddled together. I could hardly get the distinction between the cheese, iberico and the truffles were absent.

Garlic Shrimp (Gambas)
One of the featured specials of the night. The shrimp arrive sizzling as they are placed on the table and they are garlicky, well cooked and delicious.
Lamp Chop + Caramelized Onion + Olive + Romesco Sauce
Lusciously tender, juicy lamb chops with a sweet caramelised onion topping with a tasty romesco sauce. I found it a touch grisly but still loved this dish very much.

Patatas Bravas Con Huevos Fritos
Another classic Spanish dish. To be honest, it did not remind me much of potato bravas I have had in Spain but honestly it was so addictive I could care less! The potatoes were the best home fries I have ever had, with a savoury, tangy tomato sauce and the runny egg was simply delectable!

Octopus dish
Another special of the night, I loved this dish, perhaps one of my favourites of the night. The octopus was perfectly cooked, placed on top of a olive oil and paprika soaked potato.
Iberico Flank Steak + Piquillo Pepper Jam
The iberico flank steak was an incredible texture, melt in your mouth.  The fatty iberico paired with the acidity of the piquillo pepper jam was an excellent duo. I thought the dish was slightly overseasoned but overall this is a dish that should not be missed.

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